Establishment of Women Business Development Center

The Project aims to provide a platform where women can acquire entrepreneurial skills, exhibit and sell products and services, and participate in healthy social and recreational activities. The platform will play a role in empowering women to become business owners and building a greater sense of community amongst the women of the city. The new Women’s Business Development & Community (WBDC) Centre will encompass four main facilities with a shared outdoor space and reconstructed front side market. The four proposed facilities include: Business Development School for Entrepreneurs. Community Space & Exhibition Hall. Clothing & Crafts Market. Two Residential Units for Authorised Government Employees The deliverables of the detailed design output of this project will be as following:

> Layout plan of gated space with all four facilities, outdoor space and front side market
> Architectural drawings of four facilities
> Landscape plan and 3D drawing of shared outdoor space
> Traffic management plan for surrounding streets
> Market analysis and program details to run the entire WBDC Centre (thereby justifying the intended use of the reconstructed space; including information on stakeholders, enrolment capacity, type of courses/trainings offered, recreational activities, shop rentals etc.)