Development of Besai Park in Phase VII Hayatabad

Development of Besai Park in Phase VII Hayatabad The Hayatabad Besai Park in Phase VII will be developed on vacant land along a 1.5 km stretch of a seasonal hill torrent (Chulo Kando) that receives flash floods during the summer. The site was previously used as a dumping ground and construction space for BRT infrastructure, providing moderate vegetation of eucalyptus trees and the seasonal hill torrent lacks embankments for flood control. Multi-purpose recreational space and theme park. Net cricket practice area, tennis courts, basketball courts and futsal ground . Neighbourhood park for women and children. Nurseries, pottery workshops, botanical gardens and study spaces. Public washrooms, drinking water fountains, benches with charging stations and recycling bins. Outdoor café, food stalls, picnic points, tree houses and BBQ areas. Walking and cycling tracks, boardwalks and bridges. Rain gardens, urban forest and two bioswale parking lots. Rehabilitation of stream bed and banks. Construction of embankments and installation of dry wells
Surface Area (sq km)
Total Length (Sq km)